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Informational sites pertaining to racket sports. Include badminton, paddleball, racquetball, tennis, squash, and table tennis.

All About Tennis 
Tennis information, trivia, and tips about anything related to tennis. Includes tips in buying tennis ball machine, rackets and apparel.

Offers an in-depth article about this sport. Includes the court, equipment, playing the game, rules, strategies, and the history.

Badminton Canada 
Provides news and media, tournaments and results, athletes and coaches and officials.

International Racquetball Tour 
About the IRT, rankings, players, tournaments, results, news, instructions and equipment.

Find a description and the rules for this sport which is played with racquets and a hollow ribber ball.

Racquetball Canada 
Information about tournaments, rankings, teams, programs, publications and details about the organization. In French and English.

Rafael Nadal 
Spanish Tennis phenomenon. Find the unofficial Rafael Nadal fan site containing news, pictures, bibliography, statistics and many other fan resources.

Sania Mirza 
Information, history and news about Sania Mirza, the tennis player from India.

Defines the sport, the playing area, rules and scoring, types of balls, and the history.

Table Tennis 
A definition of this sport, also known as ping-pong. Includes a history, the equipment and competitions.

Defines this sport, officially known as lawn tennis. Includes the manor of play, shots, courts, tournaments, and the history.

USA Table Tennis 
Organization details, membership, clubs, player categories, tournaments and rules.

World Badminton 
Offers general information including how to run a competition, training and coaching, and links to worldwide organizations.

World Squash 
Official site of the World Squash Federation. Provides news, results, a calendar, players, rules, courts and a forum. Also info about the WSF.

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